Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ikirezi Essential Oils - Hope Replaces Isolation and Poverty

Rwanda is rising. After facing horrible devastation in their country, people are willing to reconcile and work hard to get ahead. Involvement in an enterprise such as Ikirezi can provide the “leg-up” that hardworking widows and orphans need. Working together in cooperatives in the green lush geranium fields, these farmers share hope. a common goal, and their lives.

Odette MUREKATETE, 36 years old, is one of the 50 widows working on the 2 acre plantation in Rwanda’s Gasabo district. In the 1994 genocide, she lost her parents, her children and her husband. Afraid and unable to trust anyone, including her own neighbors, she felt totally alone.

Odette says: “The best thing that the Ikirezi project has done for me, is give me new friends with whom I share my restored and strengthened trust in God. I became a...member of a community. They helped me to finance and building a house, which I didn’t have. After having invested time and work in this project for some time, it now starts to pay off, so I can pay the school fees of the two orphans I’m taking care of. Instead of feeling angry and disappointed in life, I am happy now, and the future is no longer out of sight.”

The Finest Oil

Rwanda’s fertile hills and temperate climate result in the richest flavors and scents. The geranium plant prospers here and its leaves contain natural essential oil. The geraniums are harvested three times a year and the leaves steam distilled. The resulting oil, known for its unique fragrance, is commonly used in cosmetics, perfumes, and aromatherapy products. Ikirezi Natural Products prioritizes not only the purity and quality of its products but also the impact the business has on its surrounding environment . We are committed to providing a full traceable history (‘from seed to bottle’) of all operations carried out on our organic products. Each batch of geranium oil is tested and analyzed by an independent laboratory trained by Rutgers University to ensure the highest quality. The company’s products are organically certified by ECOCERT.