Monday, August 25, 2008

The Haiti Challenge

World Relief manages a small microfinance program in Haiti called, Finansman pou ede moun avanse (FEMA), or Financing for Helping People Advance.

With just over 3,000 clients FEMA is currently not self-sufficient, they rely on grants and donations to support their operating costs. We are looking to grow the program so that it can meet all it's operating costs from it's interest income, but growth takes time and your support is vital to ensuring FEMA can continue to provide access to financial services for the poor in Haiti.

Meet the Challenge
FEMA has several supporters that are making sure it continues to moves forward. One group, from Clifton Park in New York, was inspired by the leadership of World Relief Haiti and the opportunities for economic growth in Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas. They pledged $50,000 to World Relief and are challenging other donors to match these funds to raise a total of $100,000.

So, far they have raised an additional $10,000 to meet the Haiti Challenge. Help us break through the $100,000 mark and help even more people out of poverty in Haiti.

Hallmarks of FEMA
Extending credit in conflict-ridden areas: Ongoing civil unrest in Haiti has placed significant pressure on the program’s loan portfolio. As other microfinance entities have fled the area, World Relief has chosen to stay. We believe the love of Christ shines brightest in dark places.

HIV/AIDS Training: In addition to biblically based ethics training and financial training, World Relief’s program integrates AIDS education during the weekly community banking meetings.

Integration with church-based ministries: Together with our church-based care-giving and health ministries in HIV/AIDS and maternal and child health, our loan programs are providing an integrated, sustainable, church-based solution to poverty.

About Haiti
The Poorest Country in the West, Located in the Caribbean, sharing the Island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic. Haiti has a population of about 8.9m and a life expectancy of just 57 years. GDP per capita is only $1,300 compared to the US at $45,800, or Jamaica with $7,700.

How to Give
Go to for more information.
Make checks payable to World Relief, in the note section write "Designated for FEMA, Haiti, Matching Grant", and send to: World Relief, 7 East Baltimore Street, Baltimore MD 21202